Three years ago, the Mosho got to try out an escape room to see who would be the most helpful and we weren't surprised to see who didn't really help.

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Every so often the Buzz Adams Morning Show gets sent out on special "team bonding" activities. The one thing we all really bond over at first is our shared complaints about how we have to hang out together after the show. This usually interferes with our usual nap time and nothing is grumpier than a morning show member who hasn't had their afternoon nap.

Exactly three years ago, the morning show was sent on one of these bonding activities at the now-closed Monkey Mayhem Escape Room on Paragon.

In case you're not familiar, an escape room is an adventure game where a group of people solves a series of puzzles and riddles using clues in order to get out of a room in a certain amount of time, usually, within an one hour.

The entire morning show had a blast trying to solve the puzzles and get out of the escape room. Buzz was especially surprised at how into the puzzle I got, but to be honest, I knew I was stuck in that room for an entire hour unless I helped Brandon solve the puzzle. So Brandon and I put our heads together and started working on figuring out how to get out of the cabin. Joanna came in clutch during our ordeal, helping us and entertaining Buzz at the same time. And when it came time to finally leave the room, Buzz shoved Joanna to the side to leave the room first.

I'm serious see the shove felt around the world below.

Told you. Anyways, watch the video above to see the entire Escape Room fiasco and see why we keep these team bonding exercises to once a year.


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