Here are the 5 ways to tell if you have been friend zoned by your latest crush. These 5 tips will spare you on wasting your time wondering if he/she is into you.

I say it's always better to find out sooner than later because the faster you discover the truth it will hurt less to move on. So to spare yourself the humiliation of possibly losing that person as a friend, check these 5 helpful ways.

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    Reaching Out

    If you notice you're the ONLY one always being the first to message/reach out, you have been friend zoned! If you're always the one inviting him/her to hang out and they don't take it serious, move on. If he/she had the same feelings believe me they would make an effort to hang out.

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    Making Drunk Moves

    Usually when two people who have an attraction, they can't help but solve that sexual tension after a few drinks. Almost EVERYONE has made the move or drunk dialed you when they're interested. If he/she doesn't after a few drinks, that is your sign. Trust me, as a woman having a few drinks helped spill my word vomit.

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    Not So Touchy Feely

    This does suck because I am actually a very touchy feely person but I don't mean it in a flirty way. Although most who are touchy and feely usually means they're throwing you hints. You can smoothly place your hand on his/her leg in a non chalant matter. Also, if they don't reciprocate the same, you're friend zoned.

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    Talks About Another Man/Woman

    If he/she calls you to rant about how their current love interest is being a moron, congrats on being THAT friend. It can become frustrating for you because in your head you know you would treat them better. When he/she talks to you about someone else shows they feel comfortable and see you as a friend.

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    They Look Busted Up

    You've been for real friend zoned if they don't mind you seeing them look like sh*t. I would never let a guy I am into see me without make up, hair done or in pajamas. But if they let you see them sick or looking like death and can even change in front of you should be your answer.