A photograph says so much when the subject has no clue their picture's about to be taken. For example, you're about to witness a mother using her kid as a shield, friends trying to beat one another, and more from candid photographs. It's funny because as much as we hate our own candid shots others seem to love them.

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The video from Roux S is a compilation of photos from Nightmares Fear Factory in Niagara Falls, Canada. It's a tad under 5 minutes of candid photographs taken of guests who walked through the haunted house. There are so many pictures that will make you laugh and even wonder what they saw as their picture was secretly being taken.

Some of the best candid shots included men using women as their shields inside the haunted house. Wouldn't something like this be gnarly for KLAQ's haunted house in the future? Family and friends who know me understand I very much dislike clowns and won't ever come around to them.

KLAQ's haunted houses over the years have featured clowns that performed their role magnificently. Can you just imagine the kind of hilarious pictures they would get catching me off-guard and near clowns? Now candid photography at its finest will always take place inside a haunted house.

You can see the proof above from Nightmares Fear Factory's YouTube. The hidden camera captures people during their embarrassing and frightening moments. In my opinion, it would actually be neat if KLAQ's Haunted House set up a hidden camera to snap of us during our finest moments. Share your opinion if you think KLAQ's haunted house should consider using a hidden camera. Just click on the suggestion you agree with below, in the poll.

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