An El Paso photographer was dealing with unnecessary remarks from filmmaker Charlie Minn. You're familiar with El Paso Photographer, Jorge Salgado, who once worked with us in the past. You've come across his work on El Paso Times, El Paso Chihuahuas, and his own social media outlets.

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Well, Jorge Salgado shared some screenshots of rude and uncalled-for texts from Charlie Minn. You may or may not have seen Charlie Minn's work through the documentaries he has done. Well, it is apparent that Charlie Minn has beef with Jorge Salgado.

Part of living in a free country means you're entitled to share your personal opinion. Not sure if Jorge Salgado's opinion struck a nerve with filmmaker Charlie Minn, but Jorge Salgado's opinion is something others also agree with him on.

Regardless of opinions, the rude texts from Charlie Minn were definitely uncalled for. Jorge Salgado shared an update of texts and how Charlie Minn kept typing rude remarks away.

The things Charlie Minn text doesn't help his image. Jorge Salgado shared a screenshot of the harassing messages.

Jorge Salgado shared it so UTEP staff can be aware of the man they invite as a guest speaker. This situation caught The Real Fit Fam El Paso's attention including my own. Jorge Salgado remained silent and has nothing to say to Charlie Minn.

Sometimes some people get caught in the heat of the moment and lash out. Which from the looks of the texts it seems like Charlie Minn was throwing some hateful words at a man that captures El Paso beautifully.

Yesterday evening Charlie Minn shared a status about being hacked for a second time.

Regardless, Jorge Salgado continued to keep his cool after every rude message he received. But an El Paso woman came forward about the horrible vibes she got from Charlie Minn on The Real Fit Fam El Paso. After Jorge Salgado spoke up about Charlie Minn's bullying texts other El Pasoans did also.

via Jorge Salgado
via Jorge Salgado

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