Many of you ladies and gents get extremely excited when you hear their band name or their music. We're not the only ones that get excited about them, they get just as excited meeting their fan base.

When Papa Roach first started, they were a completely different genre which eventually led them to hard rock. This Northern California band formed over 10 years ago in 1993 and started releasing EPs right after forming. By 1996 the guys had replaced a couple original members such as the manager and bassist. Then a year later the band released their first full length album Old Friends From Young Years that became massive on local radio. The bands accomplishment scored them awesome gigs with major bands like Sevendust, Suicidal Tendencies and Powerman 5000. They then landed a contract with Dreamworks Records which Infest their second album was released early 2000. Thanks to their song "Last Resort" their album went triple platinum that left us wanting more from them.The band became a hard rock act for the new millenium and started being featured in many well known shows and movies.  One summer these guys got to tour with big rap name artists such as Eminem, Ludacris and Xzibit to name a few. These are the albums they released after Infest in order from oldest to newest.

-Potatoes For Christmas 1994

-Old Friends From Young Years 1997

-LoveHateTragedy 2002

-The Paramour Sessions 2006

-Metamorphisis 2009

-Naked and Fearless 2009

-To Be Loved..The best of Papa Roach 2010

-Time For Annihilation On The Record And On The Road 2010

-The Connection 2012

- F.E.A.R. 2015

- Crooked Teeth 2017

This band has been known to let you in on their triumphs and struggles through their music. These guys have performed here in El Paso many times and still get you (the crowd) going crazy! On vocals Jacoby Shaddix, Jerry Horton guitars, Tobin Esperance bass, Tony Palermo drums are what form the band you know and love... Papa Roach!

Be sure to buy your tickets to the Downtown Street Festival for June 23 to see them perform the hit above!

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