It is nice to hear and see celebrities enjoying their time in El Paso, Texas. One particular celebrity has shown his love for El Paso for quite some time now. Chingo Bling is known for being an American rapper, producer, and comedian. He is a well-known man that makes frequent visits to El Paso, Texas. This past summer around July Chingo Bling was in El Paso with his wife along with a friend visited a local snack shop they praised. On Chingo Bling's YouTube channel you will find a video that mentions a local snack shack in El Paso. Chingo Bling, his wife, and friend loved the snacks so much they had to discuss it on video. Chingo Bling has had nothing but good things to say when it comes to El Paso, Texas. Well, he has so much love for El Paso he made a new music video that shows off our Sun City.

In October he was set to perform at Bart Reed's Comic Strip for a few shows one weekend. During that time he was also looking for extras to be a part of a music video. He wanted to film his new music video in El Paso, Texas, and let El Pasoans in on the fun. Well, you may or may not recognize some of the people and places that are featured in "QVO" Chingo Bling's new music video. Well, the love Chingo Bling has for El Paso people and food truly does show through his work. So if you were an extra you can see yourself in Chingo Bling's new music video "QVO" above.

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