Everyone has their own personal favorite Downtown Street Festival concert memory. There were so many shows that had an extra-large crowd that allowed you to drink on the streets. We all have seen a number of bands perform on North Santa Fe Street years ago.

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So many acts have rolled through El Paso and gave us a concert to forever remember at Downtown Street Festival. This is why we're whipping up something special for you to enjoy on the 4th of July. Besides what better date to resurrect Downtown Street Festival memories than on the day we used to originally celebrate it.

We want to take you down memory lane with us this Fourth of July. So when you're tuning in to KLAQ on July 4th you can have a blast from the past listening to Flashback Fourth. So you can expect to hear a fourplay from one of the legendary artists who you saw at the Downtown Street Festival.

We all remember how much of a packed house it was when Rob Zombie performed at the Downtown Street Festival. Also, there were tons of people stoked to see Bush especially Gavin Rossdale. My personal favorite Downtown Street Festival was Friday, June 23, 2017.

On Friday, Papa Roach, In This Moment, and Starset headlined the Downtown Street Festival. Now if you know me then you know how much I love Maria Brink the vocalist for In This Moment. When Papa Roach and In This Moment were set for Friday meant one thing, the duet. I actually even wrote an article about it before the show happened that you can see click here.

The time frame they were set to perform at Streetfest was when "Gravity" had been playing on the radio waves. But sure enough, Maria Brink joined Papa Roach on stage for the song "Gravity" in 2017. It was the coolest thing to see and hear live at the Downtown Street Festival many years ago. Here's to crossing fingers and hearing them be a part of KLAQ's Flashback Fourth next month. If you want more information about KLAQ's Flashback Fourth just click here. Share what you miss most about KLAQ's Downtown Street Festival in the poll below.

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