The last time Papa Roach was in El Paso was 4 years ago when they performed at the County Colliseum with a few other well known rock bands. This year, these guys are returning to El Paso to perform at the Downtown Street Festival.

According to, they have a record online for the setlist Papa Roach played when they performed at the El Paso County Coliseum in 2013. I gurantee this band wont go back to their original roots playing punk or rap on June 23 at Streetfest. This Northern California band will definitely be rocking your ears off Friday night. It's an awesome feeling to discover one of the most beloved bands is returning after releasing their new album Crooked Teeth. Since they recently released their new album, you must assume and more than likely you will hear "Help" at Streetfest. Of course they wouldn't leave without playing "Last Resort" the song that helped Infest go triple platinum. Finally, I believe since Maria Brink will be a few feet away, Jacoby Shaddix will have her join them to sing "Gravity" that night. Be sure to get your tickets soon to make your last resort at the Downtown Street Festival!

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