I think we can all agree: last year the pandemic really hit everyone EXTREMELY hard. If you were feeling anxious or depressed, you were not alone. A lot of musicians felt the same exact way, myself included, & sometimes the best way to cope with your feelings is to write. That's exactly what Javier Martinez did.

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Javier has been playing music in El Paso for over 20 years in a number of studio projects as well as doing solo material. He's worked with a hand full of bands from El Paso, Chicago & Austin, & his lately his focus has been his acoustic duo with Emily Davis, Cult Loveless & his new project called Tales of Giants.

I asked Javier about his new project & what was the story behind his new song "King of Thieves": "It started off as some words I screamed when I was high on coffee. I really liked the words that ended up being the chorus & I built words around it. The song mainly speaks about depression & trying to come over inner demons. The pandemic wasn't helpful at all, especially those who suffer from mental illness. I recorded everything myself; I have a home studio that I've been building up over the years. It gives me freedom to work on my time & is less embarrassing. The same goes for the video for 'King of Thieves'. It was all DIY; I did all the puppetry, filming & editing. I'm going to continue to release singles under Tales of Giants & making short films, hopefully play some local shows & tour the region. Also I'll be releasing another EP with Cult Loveless this summer".

The video premiered on the EP Culture Beat YouTube channel & you can hear "King Of Thieves" appearing on Q Connected this Sunday night at 10pm. If you're a local artist & you want to submit your music, you can right HERE.

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