Election 2016

Trump Defends Size of Penis at Republican Debate
This election has already been one of the strangest in United States history, with political decorum tossed aside long ago, but things took a turn for the even stranger at Thursday's Republican debate, with Donald Trump actually talking about how great his penis is
Donald Trump Offended at Vicente Fox's Use Of F-Bomb
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is demanding an apology from former Mexican president Vicente Fox over Fox's strong language in regards to the wall Trump wants to build at the border if elected. Which is pretty funny considering Trump's own penchant for dropping f-bombs.
Ted Cruz Offered $1 Million To Star in Porn
After a video of a then-18-year-old Ted Cruz surfaced on the Internet in which he says his aspirations include staring in "a teenage tit film like Malibu Bikini Beach Shop," a porn production company has extended an offer to the presidential hopeful and Texas senator.
10 Hilarious Tweets About Ted Cruz
Texas' own Ted Cruz walked away victorious from the Iowa caucus on Monday night, defying the polls and besting Donald Trump. While Cruz celebrated, those on Twitter took to making (rather hilarious) observations about Cruz.

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