Tomorrow (Oct.4), U.S. vice-presidential candidates Gov. Mike Pence and Sen. Tim Kaine will face off in their one and only debate.  Vice-presidential debates can often be interesting. You have the presidential candidates being attacked, and defended, by proxy and, historically, the VP debates have offered some of the more raucous moments:

However, this isn't any regular election year. During the debate on Monday, we had one candidate who boasted that he didn't pay taxes because he was "smart" and took time to remind us all the Rosie O'Donnell is still a fat, disgusting loser. IN A PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE!

Obviously, Pence and Caine aren't going to put on more fireworks than THAT.

However, tomorrow's debate could have much more weight than previous VP tussles. Here's why:

1. Age

It's not that Trump and Hillary are just older. At 70 Trump, if elected, would be the oldest person elected to the presidency. At 69, if she's elected, Hillary would be the second oldest. Now, there's never been a better time to be 70 in the history of the world. But the candidates advanced ages make the VP stakes a little higher.

2. Health

If you believe what Donald and his minions say, Hillary has one foot in the grave. If you're a person who takes what Trump says seriously, you might be watching Hillary's future replacement debate tomorrow. Aren't you interested to know if Kaine is as horrible as Hillary? Trick question! NOBODY can be as horrible as Hillary

3. Trump's VP May Actually End Up Running the Show

And that's without the inevitable impeachment.

You see, back in the summer of this year it was widely reported that Trump's son Don Jr. had reached out to Ohio Governor John Kasich with an offer to become "the most powerful vice president in history."

The story goes that Don Jr. told a Kasich adviser that if the governor accepted the vice-presidency, President Trump would put him in charge of domestic and foreign policy.

The adviser asked what Trump would be in charge of. Trump Jr. responded: "Making America great again".

Later, Gov. Kasich confirmed that this encounter had been relayed to him by the adviser.

So, that seems to be our choice this year: one candidate who wants the presidency so very badly and another candidate who doesn't seem to really want it at all. Good luck, America!

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