During MSNBC's Super Tuesday election coverage, the Sun City got a shoutout, with anchor Brian Williams saying he has a brother who lives in El Paso.

Like the nerd I am, I was glued to the TV on Tuesday evening as primary results began streaming in from Super Tuesday states. Leading MSNBC's Election 2016 coverage were Brian Williams and Rachel Maddow, who would give updates on projected winners in various states as the polls closed.

Around 6 p.m. MT Maddow explained that while polls had closed in most of Texas, it is a big state and votes could still be case for another hour in the western portion of the state, specifically mentioning El Paso.

Williams chimed in, talking about the importance of a win for the candidates in Texas, and then casually mentioning that his brother would be voting in the Sun City as that's where he lives. According to Brian Williams, at least.

A quick search for more info about the news anchor's familial ties to El Paso brought up a 2005 article from the Asbury Park Press outlining biographical info about Williams, and making mention of his brother "Richard, a ... former Kmart executive who is now in the homebuilding business in El Paso, Texas."