The big day is almost here: Super Tuesday, and this year, Texas is one of the states holding presidential election primaries on March 1.

Out of all the states with primaries on Super Tuesday, the most delegates are at stake for the candidates in Texas (with 222 up for grabs in the Lone Star state on the Democratic side, and 155 for the Republicans), so you should absolutely get out there and vote because your voice can make a difference.

Early voting ended in the state last week after beginning on Feb. 16, so anyone wishing to cast a vote in the Texas primary must do so in person on Tuesday.

Voting will be open to registered voters on Tuesday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Because Texas has open primaries, it means that registered voters can decide whether to vote in the Republican or Democratic election once they arrive at the polls on Tuesday. To take part, voters must have registered in the state by Feb. 1 and have an acceptable photo ID to vote. You can find out if you're registered to vote on the Texas Secretary of State's website. 

According to the El Paso County Elections Department, as of Feb. 29 there were 405,049 registered voters in the county. If you're one of those voters and need your polling location, visit the Elections Department online to find out where to go on Tuesday.

See you at the polls!