A novelty T-shirt declaring Republican presidential hopeful Texas Sen. Ted Cruz the Zodiac killer has begun trending across the Internet, and the proceeds of its sales go to a nonprofit organization based in El Paso.

Perhaps inspired by the Texas senator's awkward exchanges with his daughter and wife, Internet rumors about Cruz being the Zodiac killer began sprouting up on the Internet a few weeks ago, with the hashtag #ZodiacTed being used Twitter. (I'm pretty sure some of those tweeting with it might be taking the whole thing a little too seriously, not that I don't think Ted is as creepy as the next person, but responsible for a series of California killings in the 60s and 70s?)

Anyway, putting all the silliness toward a good cause are Tim Faust and his Austin artist buddy Rory Blank. The pair designed and are selling satirical T-shirts that say "Ted Cruz was the Zodiac Killer" and features a drawing of the senator with some dead eyes.

The shirts range in price from $15 to $17, depending on size and according to the website selling the shirts, the proceeds will benefit the West Fund nonprofit organization based in El Paso, "which provides funding and support for abortion services to the people of southwest Texas—women most severely punished by the barbaric policies of our own Zodiac senator."


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