If Facebook likes were to determine the election, then it looks like Dr. Ben Carson would win the election.

The website FiveThirtyEight created an interactive map outlining which candidates have the most Facebook likes in each county in the U.S.

If Facebook likes are any indication, Texans are lovin' them some of the sleepy doctor. Carson scored 28 percent of Texas' Facebook likes, with Texas' own Sen. Ted Cruz coming in second, earning 23 percent of the state likes on Facebook. In third place was Donald Trump, followed by Democrat Bernie Sanders.

Broken down by county, while most counties go to Carson, including Midland, Taylor and Tom Green counties, El Paso and Presidio counties go to Sanders.

Nationwide, Carson has the lead with 26 percent of the Facebook likes, with 23 percent feeling the Bern, tied with Trump's 23 percent, and Cruz with 12 percent nationwide.

Of course Facebook also provides a platform for people I went to grammar school to ask me to play at their virtual cafés and tend to their pretend pets with them, so it's probably not the best way to predict the presidential election, but interesting nonetheless.

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