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Go Beneath The Chaos For Halloween
There is soooo much to do this Halloween in El Chuco! The Q Halloween Parade, The Q Haunted House ... a wide variety of parties I'm sure ... and the absolute loudest metal Halloween party ever!
KLAQ’s Pirate Party at Club 101 Gallery [PHOTOS]
Friday, April 29th, the Pirate Party hit Club 101 for a night of fun and booty!
There were cash prizes given out, movie passes to see Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides, and even a chance at a $35,000 boat! KLAQ's Rick Mardi Gras partied on the air from Club 101, and Glenn Garza, Buzz Adams,…
Q-Rotika Ball 2011 [PHOTOS]
Oh my.  You've waited all weekend long for it.  Not patiently, but you have waited.
Now, reap the rewards of your patience!  Behold the glory that was Q-Rotika 2011!
The edited for TV version, unfortunately.  We'll see about putting up an adult version soon...
Welcome to the weekend!  This weekend, it's alllllllllll about Q-rotica!

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