Everyone remembers their first time stepping foot into a nightclub. Now there weren't a ton of choices to go clubbing at in El Paso being 18. I definitely remember my first club experience when I turned 18. There were some nightclubs in El Paso that would allow people 18 and over, in.

Luckily, my girlfriends who are like sisters to me enjoyed some of the same music. That type of music we all shared a keen interest in was hip hop and dance music. You should already know that music makes a big difference when it comes to picking the nightclub to visit.

Now there weren't a lot of options for an 18-year-old to go clubbing in El Paso. The only places my girlfriends and I knew we could officially get in at were Club 101, The Stampede, and Graham Central Station. The year was 2004 and there were only two places that played our type of dance music. My girlfriends and I always heard that Club 101 and The Stampede played hip hop. But my first clubbing experience happened at The Stampede on Doniphan that is now known as Little Bit of Texas. But before Little Bit of Texas, it used to be The Storm Nightclub.

At The Stampede, it wasn't continuously hip hop music as we wanted, but at least we heard some jams than none. But at Club 101, they definitely played the jams to have you dancing most of the night. I never had the chance to visit Graham Central Station before it closed for good. Let me know in the poll where you had your first experience at a night club in El Paso below.

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