If you've ever gone clubbing in El Paso, clubbing sounds a bit dated but it's the term I'm going with, chances are you have heard this song before.

The song is called "Floating" by Jape, the original came out in 2004, and I'm not entirely sure when this famous remix came out, but when it did, it somehow made lots of El Pasoans very happy. Check it out below.

I obviously know the song, because I went looking for it, and the comment section had me shooketh!

This video in particular has 599 comments, and the top ones are all about El Paso!

Adrian Cerda says:

Takes me back!! El Paso Tx east side is where it's at!!

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That comment in particular has 31 replies like Melissa, who doesn't even live here anymore but this song definitely brings her back memories!

Randomly thought of this song, havent lived in El paso in 6 yrs. But the best times come to mind with this song.

KC Winacot was just as amused as I was that El Pasoans were excited about this song:

this song rules. also I love how people from El Paso are especially stoked on it lol

Then David shared this very vivid memory, that I'm sure many can relate to:

It’s 2009. The 5 o’clock bambucha is on. About to head to my favorite Chico’s tacos on McRae then off to club 101. Life is good

But then, VanillaCupK asked a very important question:


And the most obvious reply?

Because we had a club called d club and this is all they played there while everyone was rolling.

I can't say I ever went to D Club, but I do remember this song being played heavily at The OP.

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