There is soooo much to do this Halloween in El Chuco! The Q Halloween Parade, The Q Haunted House ... a wide variety of parties I'm sure ... and the absolute loudest metal Halloween party ever!

The heaviest Halloween party ever happens Thursday at Club 101! (9515 Viscount)

Beneath The Chaos are bringing all the volume, evil, madness (and I'm pretty sure a handful of babes!) that you'd expect on Halloween to Club 101 for the absolute loudest Mother - "Frightening" night ever!  The guys from B. T. C. stopped by The Q studios recently to warm us up for the gig ... take a peek!

If you are a fan of Sepultura, then bust out with your sexiest costume this Hallows Eve, (a little candy probably wouldn't hurt!), a few genuine, "axe wielding maniacs" if you can find any and bring 'em all out to party with El Pasos' own full blown tribute to the legendary Sepultura ... Beneath The Chaos!

Then, get ready for the real deal as Sepultura tear up Tricky Falls November 25th!