Last week I wrote an article titled "If You Remember These Three Clubs From El Paso's Heyday, I'm Going to Need More Info". And I'll be damned, but some of you understood the assignment and actually gave me more info!

To recap, the three clubs were Metropolis, The Realm and Club 101. Out of those three, Club 101 was the only one I remembered. Unfortunately for me, I never got the chance to check out Club 101 when it was at the downtown location- I hear it was legendary!

I'd like to start by saying, thanks so much for the response! I was a little surprised that I actually got responses rather than just some dumb comments. One of my biggest surprises was that THE Joe Dorgan actually sent us a message into our app chat and actually gave me more info on one of the clubs I mentioned in my original article: Metropolis. Here's what Dorgan said:

Joe Dorgan (me) who owned the original Club 101 also owned Metropolis nightclub. Metropolis was in business for 3 years. Marilyn Manson, Slayer, Collective Soul, Radiohead, Lords of Acid, Rob Halford with his band One and other great shows played there. Metropolis had a famous Freestyle Friday with DJ Charles Chavez from Power 102FM who moved to Houston and signed Pitbull. Several dance artists played there.

Actually, Metropolis seemed to be the one club y'all remembered most.


Art, I'm waiting for those photos!

Elsewhere in the comments, some of y'all mentioned some more clubs from El Paso's heyday. Now I'm curious about these other three clubs:

  • Treetop
  • Scorpios 
  • The Basement
  • The Roxxy
  • Graham Central Station 

Do any of y'all remember those? I remember hearing about Graham Central Station- but I was too young when it closed down!

I'm feeling some FOMO hearing you guys mention these! Send us photos, messages even your fondest memories regarding these clubs! I'm invested!


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