There will always be shows, but VENUES don't always last sadly, especially in El Paso, Texas. We still have a lot of great clubs & places people can perform in El Paso. But with every venue that's still open, there's one that's closed down & all we have are the memories of those places. Places like...

The Mesa Music Hall

The place that's just a hop, skip & jump away from the Q studios, I remember going to the Music Hall a TON when I first started performing in the El Paso Music Scene. It was actually one of the first venues I remember performing at & the shows got CRAZY; so many bands have been there: Hail the Sun, The Faceless, Escape the Fate, Ice Nine Kills...

It was a great place for shows & there were tons of people regardless it was a touring band or a local band performing.

Club 101

One of my first concerts was at the original Club 101 location on Airway: back in 2010, seeing Black Veil Brides open up for The Birthday Massacre. I would end up seeing Underoath perform there too. I was only 17 at the time & they were some of the first of MANY shows I would end up going to.

Club 101 would move to Stanton downtown, before closing down. Thankfully the owner of Club 101, Joe Dorgan is still around making music & we have Joe to thank for giving El Pasoans many amazing concert memories. Also our very own Veronica had her OWN Club 101 memory, seeing Deftones live and getting a snapshot of Chino performing.

Veronica Gonzales
Veronica Gonzales

Neon Rose

A favorite for local bands; Neon Rose was one of the places that was forced to shut down, thanks to COVID. The last Facebook post from Neon Rose was back in 2020, where they thanked everyone for 5 years of entertainment...

Well thank YOU Neon Rose for letting some amazing local talent perform them over the years.

The Attic

This place epitomized an underground concert venue. This was a great place for bands who were just starting up to really gain some exposure; and a lot of bands would become HUGE names played at The Attic: NOFX, At the Gates, Kreator, Deftones, Machine Head, and of course I can't forget our very own P Razors...

Tricky Falls/Bowie Feathers

There was NO WAY I could leave off one of the greatest venues El Paso has EVER had: Tricky Falls (formerly called Xscape or X'Cape). It was unique because it was a 2 for 1 special: upstairs you had Bowie Feathers; a smaller venue but with a great view of downtown.

And of course downstairs you had the main attraction... So many of use have had some amazing memories at Tricky Falls; Veronica Gonzales has had MANY & myself included. I've seen Royal Blood, Trivium, Nothing More, Nightwish & at least a DOZEN local bands.

And who can forget when Escape the Fate, Ghost & Green Day rocked Tricky Falls as well?

But my favorite was actually playing ON the same stage as all those bands before. I always dreamed on playing on that stage & I finally managed to do it in 2016...

Honorable mentions:

I did want to give a special mention to the original UTEP location for Lowbrow Palace. They DO have a new spot on Texas Ave, but the original spot had some AMAZING shows. I personally will miss the spot & that amazing stage. Who can forget when The Killers or The Hu rocked there?

Other spots I wanted to give a mention: The Percolator, Lips Lounge, The Mix, The Spot, The Love Sprout, The Naylair, Eleanor Rigby's, The Perch, Serge's, Chic's Lounge, Cantina La Tuya, Nayke's Stadium, The Lost Iguana,

Some of the venues disappeared because of lack of people going, lack of revenue, or other unfortunate circumstances. But the concert memories & good times we all have at these venues will never fade.

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You Had to Be There: El Paso Edition

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