When you're with someone you truly love, you'll have many ups & downs in your relationship. But what's important is to realize that & to keep the relationship as strong as possible. That's the premise for the new song "Queen of the Night" by local rockers, Soul Parade.

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El Paso indie rock band Soul Parade has been around 2013, founded by Joshua Gonzales (guitar/back up vocals) & by twin brothers Eduardo (drums) & Enrique (bass) Martinez. Later Nancy Loya would join as their lead singer & Aleksya Danahe Aguirre on synths & harmonies & they've been going strong and building a huge fan base in El Paso. Since 2017, they've been consistently releasing singles/music videos on YouTube & they released their newest video for "Queen of the Night" on May 13th.

The video was produced by In Cadence Films & Eduardo explains what was the inspiration behind the video: "The inspiration came from when you fight with the one you care for the most & knowing it's just your pride and selfishness that's keeping you apart. When people suffer alone & in silence, they can't see what's really important & that's each other...we strive for different topics or ideas for every music video to give the songs the uniqueness it deserves... we wanted to be more story driven instead of having the band members be the vocal point. Songs tell stories & we thought for this one, the video should as well."

Eduardo also went on to say that Soul Parade is working on releasing another single/music video coming out during the summer as well as an album release around August/September.

You can hear Soul Parade on Q Connected, Sunday nights 10 to midnight, on 95.5 KLAQ. If you're a local artist & perform within 200 miles of El Paso, you can submit your music HERE or send me an email at Daniel.paulus@townsquaremedia.com

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