When you think of amazing female musicians/singers; names like Joan Jett, Lzzy Hale, Heart, Janis Joplin, Beyoncé & Dolly Parton... these are women that prove that men that DON'T dominate the music world. Both men AND women prove their talent & skills every time they're on the stage. And that absolutely applies to El Paso because we have some extremely talented women in all genres of music.

These women prove that the El Paso music scene is not just for the boys.

Emily Davis is not only the leader of Emily Davis & The Murder Police, but she's one of the most respectful musicians in El Paso. You don't have to take my word for it, just ask Bad Religion's Greg Gaffin or Tenacious D's Kyle Gass. Both artists gave Emily high praise for her singing & guitar playing.

Chantal Camus is an extremely versatile musician; whether it's jazz, rock, metal, or even hip hip, she's proven her musical prowess time & time again.

Also side mention to her former bandmate in Frenzi: drummer Audrey Villalobos.

Another extremely talented drummer is Mary Moreck; she's played with the local bands Phantom Kin & currently with the all girl band Acid Wave (Audrey has also played with Acid Wave; one of the ONLY all girl bands in El Paso).

We've seen many talented ladies show off their singing abilities like Ruby Maldonado with You're The Alibi,

Hennah Elizabeth in Saving Bandit,

Helen Vargas in Dulce Mal,

Soul Parade features 2 amazing females; Aleskya Danahe on keyboards & Nancy Loya was a longtime singer for the band

Brittney Muela in Brittney's Rage,

Adria Del Valle & Paulina Reza in Estereomance,

Tribes, the rock mariachi group, has Gisselle Lopez on vocals & Cindy Cabada on violins

There's also the erotic rock queen, Danitza Meliade. Her guitarist Angie Thrace & bassist Kaya Mendoza are also worth mentioning.

And we can't forget about the El Paso Queen of Hip Hop, Krystall Poppin

Other names & bands I want to mention (all with female musicians included):

  • Kill DevilTheory (Deanna Crane)
  • Federal OFFense (Lauren Rincon)
  • Mia Antifa (Mickey Valdez)
  • Go Axe Alice (Emily Dequina)
  • Redsand (Karmann Sloane, aka the artist named "SketchyGoat")
  • Rugidos De Felinos/Edison's Ear (Maryling Renteria)
  • Texas Taliban (Crystal Lopez)
  • Valiant Blues (Belum Urbina)
  • The Hot Bachs (Edie Karuna)
  • Kristian Carreon
  • Caitlin Renee Huizarowitz
  • Kenzie Pauk
  • Chrissy Gurrola
  • The PIE Sisters
  • The Revamps/Artcrusher
  • Appolonia Laureano
  • Anna Maria Rosales
  • Sabrina James
  • Liz Tina
  • Elizabeth Pursel

I know I might've missed a name or an artist, so let this list encourage YOU to check out more artists in El Paso.

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