Nobody won the big lottery prize this weekend but, someone in El Pao picked up an awesome second place prize.

The monster Powerball jackpot that sparked the recent lottery frenzy went unclaimed this weekend but, 3 people in Texas bought winning tickets for the second tier prize and one was from El Chuco! The winner hasn't stepped up yet but, being that I'm at work today, it obviously wasn't me.

Winning tickets were also sold in Cove and Austin. The winning El Paso ticket was purchased at the 7-11 at 8160 Gateway east. That's not too far from Barnett Harley - Davidson which, had I won, would have probably been my first stop! Followed by a quick trip to Hero Music and then Sportsman's Elite. My motorcycle, guitar and gun collection would absolutely get a lot bigger.

I'd pay a few bills off and help out some friends and family as well of course but, yeah, that's where I'd start.  How about you?

What would you do with a million bucks?