An East Texas resident is waking up with a little more money in the bank after winning the lottery!

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Justin Sullivan

What would you do if you won the $1 million lottery? I'm sure everyone already has the answer to that; it's fun to imagine winning the jackpot and dream of spending the money you don't have!

If you do play the lottery in Texas then maybe consider playing in this East Texas town because people sure do get lucky there!

There must be something in the water because for the second time this year, a resident of Tomball, Texas - near Houston- has claimed $3 million off of a Mega Millions ticket bought from a corner store, according to a news release from the Texas Lottery!

New Mexico man wins $500,000 in lottery but isn't allowed to collect.
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According to MYSA, the winner- who chose to remain anonymous- bought the winning ticket at a store called Polar Express located 2340 Blalock Road in Houston. How did they win? They chose five winning numbers to win $1 million plus a Mega Millions multiplier of three to make the total prize $3 million!

Earlier this year in March, a different Tomball resident also won the lottery; they won $2 million from a Powerball ticket purchased at the Rosehill Mini Mart located at 18402 Farm to Market Road in Tomball. Obviously, the town has to be magical or something to be pumping out lottery winners! Not to mention that Texas is one of the best states to win the lottery- mainly because of the tax withholding- which you can find out more here.

Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images
Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images

Congratulations to the winners- if you need me I'll be picking my lucky numbers and heading out to Tomball, I could use a bit of luck!

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