Back in El Paso for only the second time, Giovannie took some time to meet a few peeps backstage.

Giovannie and The Hired Guns returned to El Paso for the first time in years to play at the Abraham Chavez Theater Saturday night along with Los Lonely Boys.

Before the show, Giovannie was cool enough to spend a little time with some lucky KLAQ listeners who won tickets to the show and the chance to meet him.

The coolest thing about Giovannie and The Hired Guns is the close, internal structure within them. As Giovannie told me Saturday, they're basically a bunch of good friends all working together toward a common, rockin' cause.

They're all in this because they love doing what they do as well as each other. Not because they're obligated or because they were "hired" to do it. Their friendship and the fun they're having on this adventure totally shows.

Their bio sums 'em up this way:

In the last few years alone, Giovannie & The Hired Guns have grown from a massively beloved local live act to an undeniable new force on the national rock scene. Formed back when frontman Giovannie Yanez was working the counter at a pawnshop, the Stephenville, Texas-based band has amassed millions of streams almost entirely through word-of-mouth, thanks in no small part to their unforgettable live show—an electrifying spectacle that invariably leaves audiences sweat-drenched and ecstatic.

Don't let the song title fool you, these guys bring it.

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