KLAQ wants you to go fund yourself and we're offering you $30,000 toward that end.

KLAQ is giving away a $30K grand prize and a ton ... 10 per day ... of $100.00 daily prizes. Entering is super easy, just listen for cash codes which will be given out :15 minutes past the hour - 8a through 5p - weekdays.

Once you have the code, enter it with the KLAQ mobile app and cross your fingers. Now that you know HOW to win, here are some time saving ideas on how to spend your winnings.

Thanks to the internet, you can spend money like crazy in seconds no matter what your budget is.

If I was spending the money on myself, a couple of clicks online would transfer that money to Barnett Harley Davidson and the title of a Harley Davidson back to me in less than 30 seconds.

This is about you though, so ...

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Leave El Paso. Take the family to Hawaii, $30 grand would get a family of 5 a little over a week in paradise. A few seconds online and you're back to broke.

Sign a 2 year lease on an apartment in El Paso. Just takes a few seconds and will pretty much burn up your $30K in nothing flat.

You may have enough left for a really nice dinner.

Get El Paso Water off your back and drill your own water well.

Those are a few ways to drop $30K in 30 seconds or less without leaving El Paso.

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There are, not surprisingly, a ton of ways to blow all your money quickly, online. Like:

There you go. Several ways to unburden yourself of $30,000.00, should you feel the need to, very quickly.

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