Today hearts are weighing heavy from the saddening news about Joanne Rogers widow of Fred Rogers passing. Joanne Rogers shared the same kind of caring soul her late husband Fred Rogers shared with millions of kids and parents on television. The late Fred Rogers would share his kindness for others to spread on Mister Rogers Neighborhood. That show was almost every kid's favorite show to watch before going to school on PBS. In fact, when I was a child Fred Rogers was always a part of my day while I got ready for school. In fact, most of my favorite episodes from Mister Rogers Neighborhood featured Joanne Rogers even though it would be for a brief moment. I especially loved when she played the piano on the show which you can see above thanks to Swift Fox Media's video above. After hearing the news about Joanne Rogers passing, my heart sank. Even at my age now, I still went out of my way to see the two films about Fred Rogers television lifestyle.

As a grown adult I was excitedly anxious about seeing the documentary on Fred Rogers in 2018. The best perk about the Won't You Be My Neighbor documentary was also getting to see Joanne Rogers again. It had been so many years since I had heard and seen Joanne Rogers on a screen and sure did feel nice. The following year in 2019 a biography A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood was released that also was quite a surprise. Watching the films about the life and work of Fred Rogers sure did take me back to some good old times. It breaks my heart to hear about Joanne Rogers passing and how she will no longer be continuing what she and Fred Rogers did for children and families all over.

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