Some hero's capes aren't always necessarily behind their back. Some of my heroes wear their capes over their faces to protect your safety and theirs. The frontline medical staff all over El Paso putting our health before theirs is admirable. I'm grateful and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing what you do every day plus overtime. We have all seen the photos that went viral of medical staff members marked by their masks. Our 915 heroes over at University Medical Center of El Paso have a couple of famous here on earth guardian angels.

Matthew McConaughey and his stunning wife Camila dropped off 25,000 surgical masks to the UMC team. This outstanding and life-saving deed would not be possible if it weren't for Lincoln Motor Company. These surgical masks aren't being shipped or flown into town. The surgical masks were hand-delivered by Matthew McConaughey and his wife Camila. Lincoln Motor Company donated 110,000 masks that are being divided across Texas to hospitals in need. Just our luck, University Medical Center of El Paso was one of the lucky ones. Not only that, but the El Paso County Medical Society will be given 20,000 masks. KFOX 14 got the details about this generous donation from the ones that made it possible.

This isn't the first time Matthew McConaughey has supported the 915. He was present and gave one of the best motivational speeches at the Khalid Benefit Concert. It feels good to know that Matthew McConaughey and his family visit El Paso often. But the best part about this all is they thought about our community as well as many others.

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