Lately, our city has been experiencing a heartbreaking tragedy due to Covid-19 for quite some time now. So many people are feeling all sorts of emotions since the pandemic started. Some people have not let fear consume them and still engage in their usual outdoor activities dining out or visiting relatives. Those who still continued their usual regime did so in a safe manner. But even when you play it safe sometimes, it doesn't always guarantee that you won't catch Covid-19. One well-known El Paso native and author have been struggling during these tragic times. Author of Black Klansman, Ron Stallworth, and his wife, Patsy Stallworth have been battling with Covid-19 for quite some time now. As for Ron Stallworth, he is recovering from Covid-19 in the comfort of his own home. But as for his wife Patsy, Mrs. Stallworth is having to do her recovery at the hospital since she needs oxygen.

CNN's Ed Lavandera had a video chat session with Ron Stallworth about their condition and battling Covid-19. It's heartbreaking to hear how Ron Stallworth told Ed Lavandera how much he misses his wife. The only kind of contact the couple is able to have is only through technology, on their smartphones. Patsy Stallworth's special message was meant for the people who aren't taking Covid-19 as seriously as they should. The Stallworth's aren't used to spending this amount of time apart from each other. They miss each other dearly and hope to reunite under one roof soon. Covid-19 can take a toll on your mental health if you're separated from loved ones to recover. I am sure other Covid-19 hospitalized patients are also feeling the same emotions as the Stallworths are.

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