Lately, there have been different murals that have been popping up around El Paso. The latest mural is located on the Eastside of town that displays almost everything that stands for El Paso. Before the latest mural, there have been more than a handful of others put up for display. For example, one of them is in Central El Paso that is a palatero themed wall. Attending art shows and scoping out the art displayed on walls around El Paso is something I have always enjoyed doing. I actually have quite the list of places of art murals that I still need to see in town. One I tripped out about was the chrome looking balloons with strings you can hold for a selfie. I give major props to the local artists decorating different areas all over El Paso. The street artists sure do know how to put a smile on all our faces.

When I drive-by art murals it always reminds me of my first time visiting Austin, Texas. My first time visiting my good chick friend Marisa in Austin was in 2016. I remember specifically telling her I wanted to visit the mural of Mister Rogers Neighborhood art mural before I leave town. The Mister Rogers Neighborhood mural is located on South Congress. The mural is painted on the side of the building of Home Slice Pizza. Every time I come across any art mural in El Paso always takes me back to my first visit to Austin. I have even wondered if any of our local artists would ever consider throwing Mister Rogers on one of the many walls available in El Paso. If you would love to see Mister Rogers painted on an available wall in the El Paso neighborhood take the poll below.

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