The name Glendon Oakley may or may not sound familiar to you. But it will when I tell you he has commended as a hero for rescuing some kids at Cielo Vista Mall. He was the Fort Bliss soldier that was interviewed by local news stations after the Walmart shooting. He had claimed he ran out of the mall with a bunch of kids to get them somewhere safe. Then the President, Donald Trump paid a visit to El Paso and awarded Glendon Oakley for his so-called heroic actions.

On Friday, April 10 The El Paso Times had announced Pvt. Glendon Oakley had passed. The Fort Bliss soldier, Pvt. Glendon Oakley was found deceased on base last Wednesday, April 8. According to Fort Bliss officials, they believe foul play isn't suspected. You can read more about Pvt. Glendon Oakley on Stars and Stripes.

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