The trailer to the movie about Mister Rogers came out earlier this week and if you haven't seen it but you grew up with Mister Rogers, get the tissues ready because it will give you all the feels! A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, out in theaters November 22, stars Tom Hanks as Mister Rogers. I think Tom Hanks was probably the most appropriate casting choice, but did you know that Tom wasn't the only Hanks man that has played Mister Rogers?

In 2018, Tom Hanks' son, Colin Hanks, played Mister Rogers in an episode of "Drunk History." The show retells an event in history- usually by a drunk person, and has actors recount that event. The announcement of Tom Hanks playing Fred Rogers was made before the episode of "Drunk History" aired, which led to the younger Hanks to troll his father on Twitter.


The episode aired on February 2, 2018 and tells the story of when Fred Rogers testified in front of Senate to defend public television after President Nixon proposed budget cuts due to the Vietnam war. Colin absolutely nails the role of Fred Rogers, beware, there are some naughty words here.

I thought this was absolutely perfect, until I saw the trailer to A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. Prepare to feel all the feels!

Okay, both Hanks men are perfect as Mister Rogers! How are they both so perfect for this role?? Which Hanks man did you prefer?

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