A lot of fans in El Paso and everywhere else were devastated about the news of DMX aka Earl Simmons passing away. DMX passed away on Friday, April 9, and had fans sharing their most memorable memories with him. Fans of DMX in El Paso were sharing their own memories they had with the rapper.

There was a time DMX came to El Paso, Texas where he was set to perform for many fans and car enthusiasts. It was July 30, 2009, when DMX headlined a car show at Cohen Stadium. DMX was headlining the Summer Showdown 09 Concert and Car Show.

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That event many years ago focused on all sorts of rides and also music. DMX was set to perform at 9 pm so to kill time he definitely showed his humble side. It will always be a memory to forever remember since DMX took some time to walk around and meet his fans.

Before his performance at Cohen Stadium DMX hit the field and went walking around meeting and greeting his fans. DMX even went as far as posing for all sorts of pictures with his fans. For example, the picture featured above shows my friend Brandon Dorantes, DMX, and Oscar Perez.

You can tell the background of Brandon's picture with DMX is at Cohen Stadium. The locals who attended the Summer Showdown 2009 Concert and Car Show have a special memory with DMX. If you attended that event at Cohen Stadium, you should consider yourself lucky. Now for the fans who did attend will forever hold that memory close to their hearts.

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