Veronica Gonzalez
Veronica Gonzalez

I'm a hardcore fan of the Deftones that I went to San Diego just for a weekend to see them! Yep! You read right, I couldn't miss their very first festival, Dia De Los Deftones on November 3. If you've pulled an all-nighter to see your favorite band and had to be at work the next morning is rough. But imagine how rough it is when you got to be back in another state and over 700 miles away the next morning for work?

You couldn't hear it in my voice on Sunday morning but I was exhausted! I would have to say it was totally worth it and would do it again for the Deftones. But besides seeing the Deftones, I also got to see a few others I enjoy hearing. I really enjoyed watching Mike Shinoda, Doja Cat, and Future at Dia De Los Deftones. Mike Shinoda sure did give the audience goosebumps when he did mashups and sang some Linkin Park songs. I was extremely happy that Doja Cat sang my two very favorite songs I was hoping to hear.

Not only did I enjoy some awesome music but also some great beer to go along with it! I finally knocked a goal on my bucket list which was to try the Phantom Bride Beer. But it sure did feel good to see my favorite band in the city I love visiting! The things I do for the band I love.

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