Texas is the 2nd biggest state in the USA and has everything so, it's no surprise people are flocking here. Here's the top 10 zip codes for the rich and famous.

Wide open spaces, country estates, ranches, high rise condos, mansions ... whatever you are looking for, Texas has it. That is super appealing to people from all over and they are moving to Texas in droves. ZIP codes across the state are growing but the rich and shameless ... err, famous ... have a few preferred areas.

Texas has 5 of the biggest 15 cities in the USA and one of them, Austin, has the most entries on the top 10 most expensive ZIP codes in the lone star state. This top 10 list was put together by neighborhoods.com.

78733 - Seven Oaks

This is the big dog. Located near Austin, homes in these parts go for about $6.5 million on average based on a rate of $417.12 per square foot. Downtown Austin is conveniently located about 12 miles away. Learn more here.

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78746 - Davenport Ranch

#2 is also near Austin, on Lake Austin. Homes here will set you back about $3 million at $528.97 per square foot. The Austin Country Club, of course, is nearby and so is the Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve.

78704 - Zilker

Homes here are more reasonably, (reasonably, he says), priced at around $1.2 million. That's $551.46 per square foot in another Austin satellite that's said to contain some of Austin's most happening 'hoods.

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78703 - Clarksville

Still in the Austin area, (told you they had the most), these homes run a little less at $1.7 million. ($458.81 per sq. foot) I'm not sure if this is the Clarksville that The Monkees sang about but, just sayin', Mike Nesmith was from Texas.

75201 - The Arts District

We're FINALLY out of Austin. Arts District is near Dallas and settling there will cost you $1.1 million, or $486.16 per sq. foot, on average.

Rounding out the '10 are Barton Creek, (Austin), Park Cities, (Dallas), Spicewood, (Austin), West University Place, (Houston's finally on the map!), and University Heights. (Dallas)

El Paso is the 6th largest city in Texas but we didn't get anywhere near the most expensive ZIP codes listed here. On average, homes run about 300,000 in the 915 - here's a recent high/low comparison for you.

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