Home prices vary from place to place and even from one side of town to the other. The difference between these 2 was pretty sizeable.

Last month, 439 homes were sold in El Paso and the gap between the cheapest one and the costliest one was huge even though they both had teh same number of bedrooms and baths.

Other than that though, the homes themselves, needless to say, had little in common. One was absolutely a "fixer upper" while the other one was practically a mansion.

What Is The Housing Market Like In El Paso?

In October 2023, El Paso home prices were up 9.6% compared to last year, selling for a median price of $250K. On average, homes in El Paso sell after 31 days on the market compared to 29 days last year. There were 439 homes sold in October this year, down from 501 last year. - redfin.com

What Is The Average Price Per Square Foot For A Home In El Paso?

That, obviously, can vary wildly depending on materials used, location, and extras like swimming pools or outdoor kitchens. On average, in the 915, price per square foot runs about $147 per.

How Much Is The Average Home In El Paso?

Around $250K.

As for the lowest and highest priced homes sold in EP last month, the low end casa was a 5 bedroom, 4 bath way out in far east El Paso. It sold for $75K. The most expensive one is on the west side.

Also a 5 bed/4 bath, overlooking the Coronado Country Club golf course, it set the buyer back $1,825,000. A bargain being that it was marked down from $2.2 million.

You can see them both in the video above.

Currently the Most Expensive Home in Texas

Here is a look at the Austin, Texas home that is currently the most expensive home for sale in the state of Texas.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

Let's Take a Look at the Stunning & Oldest Standing Mansion in Texas

According to the home's website, construction began in 1887 by Rev. Thomas A. Broad. "Broad was a popular Methodist pastor whose sermons “showed deep thought and a familiarity with important scientific discoveries,” according to the Mason County News. However, he became better known in Mason for his second occupation as a stonecarver and builder. His work featured ornate carved limestone that contrasted with the darker sandstone."

The home has a rich history and in 1974, it received a historical marker on the National Register of Historic Places.



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