Often times when people think of Texas, they think Whataburger, cowboy hats and ranches! Which isn't entirely wrong; Texas has some beautiful ranches- in fact, the largest ranch in the country is right here in the Lone Star state!

Largest Land owner in Texas
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But Texas is so much more than ranches and Whataburger; it's so big that everyday, new neighborhoods are popping up- so much so that Californians- and other non-Texans- are flocking to the state in droves.

And who can blame them? Texas has an abundance of Whataburger, H-E-B, it's the home of Dr. Pepper and Big Red, and, according to this study, homes in Texas are 59% less expensive compared to California. Now, a new study has found that Texas is indeed a hot spot for those looking to move somewhere more affordable.

According to Opendoor, in a new study found that Texas dominated a list of the hottest zip codes of 2023!

Texas dominates list of hottest zip codes

Out of the top 20 hottest zip codes that homeowners settled in the most in 2023, Texas had nine spots- and it even came in at number one!

How exactly did Opendoor figure this out?

Top ZIP codes are identified by analyzing data from the local Multiple Listing Services (MLS) where Opendoor Brokerage operates. ZIPs were ranked by total homes which went into contract within 90 days of listing in 2022.

Here are the top zip codes in Texas:

  • 77433 in Cypress
  • 77493 in Katy
  • 75126 in Forney
  • 76227 in Aubrey
  • 78130 in New Braunfels
  • 78253 in San Antonio
  • 76179 in Fort Worth
  • 78641 in Leander
  • 77449 in Park Row

You can see the other zip codes here.

OpenDoor says the three things these zip codes all have in common are affordability, desirability, and availability. So if you were looking to move somewhere new in the state of Texas, these are your best choices as new neighborhoods keep developing.

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