The 50 richest cities in Texas are all pretty small, basically super charged suburbs of larger metroplexes. Here's how El Paso stacks up against the richest one.

Forbes Stats magazine compiled a list last summer of the top 50 wealthiest cities in the lone star state. Surprisingly, no big cities like Dallas or Houston made the list.

The cities that did make the cut were all tiny places located near, but not in, the larger Texas metroplexes you would expect to see on such a list.

El Paso is the 6th largest city in Texas but nowhere near being one its richest. Seriously, if Dallas, Houston and Austin didn't get on this list, how the hell are we going to make it??

How Did Forbes Decide The Top 50 Richest Cities In Texas?

Utilizing data sourced from the Census Bureau’s 2021 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates (which is the newest data available), including median household income, mean household income, median home value, and median property taxes paid, we analyzed and put together a list of the top 50 richest cities in Texas. - Forbes

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Based on three of those 4 criteria, here's the breakdown for numero uno; Redfield, Texas:

  • Median Household Income - (over) $250,000
  • Average Household Income - $600,792
  • Median Home Price - (over) $246,000

How Does El Paso Stack Up Against The Richest City In Texas?

Searching the same questions online, I came up with these numbers. Here in El Paso, needless to say, things look a little different:

  • Median Household Income - $51,325
  • Average Household Income - $69,692
  • Median Home Price - $246,000

Note: The terms average and mean are interchangeable.

So, there 'ya go ... the tale of the tape when it coms to the "have's" and the "could use more's" in Texas.

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