Texas is so big that everyday, new neighborhoods are popping up- so much so that Californians- and other non-Texans- are flocking to the state in droves!

And who can blame them? Texas has an abundance of Whataburger, H-E-B, it's the home of Dr. Pepper and Big Red, and, according to this study, homes in Texas are 59% less expensive compared to California.

Most recently, a new study has found that Texas is indeed a hot spot for those looking to move somewhere more affordable- it even dominated a list of the "hottest zip codes" in the country. However, even with all the good, there has to be some bad.

Texas is so big that, of course, there has to be some undesirable areas. If you're planning a big move to the Lone Star state, maybe check out this list of the 20 worst places to live in Texas.

Here are the 20 Worst Places to Live in Texas

If you're planning a big move to the Lone Star state, maybe avoid landing on any of these!

This list comes courtesy of Moneyinc.com, who really looked into the crime rates, unemployment rates and home value of each of these Texas places.  As you can see, Dallas really dominated the list. As big as Dallas is, you would expect a few crimes here and there- however I never imagined just how dangerous it could be!

Worst Places to Live in Texas
Gabriel Tovar via Unsplash

Now, obviously, there could be some good in these places, but maybe do some more research on the areas first.

However, if you're looking for pretty good neighborhoods, then check out this list of the hottest zip codes in Texas; if you were looking to move somewhere new in the state of Texas, these are your best choices as new neighborhoods keep developing.

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