I am very excited for The Mexican Food Cook-off this Saturday, August 4 at San Jacinto Plaza in beautiful downtown El Paso.  (See all the details here.)  I will be judging, and am hoping I get the enchilada category, my favorite Mexican food.  Enchiladas, like tacos, can be made in a lot of different ways, and I would like to share some of my favorites with you.  My absolute favorite enchiladas are the red ones my mom makes.  They are absolute heaven on a plate, and you know they were made with love, which makes them that much more special.  My mom makes her own red sauce in abundance which is lucky for my family.  I can make  enchiladas at my house and not bother mom.

If we go out for enchiladas, I really enjoy the red enchiladas at Avila's, check them out here.  These taste a lot like eating at home, and their chile con queso is awesome.

My favorite crab (with a K) enchiladas can be found at Kiki's, check them out here.  I love the green sauce at Kiki's, it's more like a creamy chile con queso than your typical green sauce.  The combination of the sauce and the sweet crab and onions is outstanding.  Kiki's rice also tastes like my mom's, so that's a plus.

My favorite green chicken enchiladas are at the L&J Cafe, check them out here.  L&J's green chicken enchiladas are chunky style, also like my mom's.  (Are you sensing a theme here?)  Lots of green chile, tomato and onion smothering the tortillas filled with delicious chicken.  Yum!

I do have another favorite, but it's not enchiladas.  It's the soupy tacos at Mama's Tamales, 1461 N. Lee Trevino, winner of last year's cook-off.   They are absolutely divine, all of them.  They come in green and red, creamy or brothy, with chicken or beef.  They are more like rolled tacos because they are crunchy, but the sauce they float in is the best, whatever color or texture!  Keep Mama's  in mind for tamales, as well.  Some of the best I have ever had.

Saturday can't come soon enough for me!  See you there!

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