Apple rolled out iOS 9 Thursday night and left us all wondering: Where the heck is our taco emoji? We were promised a taco emoji.

I was hoping it would be here in time for the Mexican Food Cook-Off Friday night, but alas, no such luck.

A slew of new emojis were unveiled by Unicode last week, including the taco, a burrito, middle finger, motorcycle, unicorn, a glasses-wearing face, turkey, volleyball and Menorah. The emojis did not roll out with iOS 9, however, and will be withheld from us until iOS 9.1. There's no release date for iOS 9.1 yet, meaning we'll be stuck writing out the word "taco" and "burrito" for a while longer.

Despite not being able to caption all my Instagram and Snapchat pics with taco emojis, I'll still be at Union Plaza Friday sampling the best Mexican food in THE WORLD. Yup, the world, because El Paso knows how to do it. You should totally come, too. The fun starts at 4 and goes until 11:30 p.m. and you can find all the info you need to take your tastebuds to Pleasure Town right here.


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