As we all know here in El Paso- enchiladas are the bomb. The dish of lightly fried tortillas dipped in a red chile sauce and stuffed with cheese is the epitome of comfort food for many. I've never actually stopped to ponder on how to make them, but upon reflecting- it's a little more complex than originally thought.

In my house, we have enchiladas at least once a week- and it really is a process. You have to make the sauce, because although they sell canned enchilada sauce nothing beats making it from scratch, right? I think that mainly is the only challenging part of the recipe- the sauce. Once you've got the sauce down- it's all downhill from there. While many of us are pro's at making this dish- not many are, take for instance TikTok user SurfStephanie. Three days ago, she posted a now viral TikTok where she says all she wants is the recipe to real Mexican enchiladas because she is done with "white people" enchiladas.

If you were like me and wondering what "white people enchiladas" were she demonstrated it for us.

The flour tortillas are a bit cringey, as are the olives. She then enlisted the help of a friend.

Either the friend helped her or she found a recipe because she finally posted a video of her making "actual Mexican enchiladas"- and it did not disappoint!

You knew she was making them right when she started coughing at the chile being made (all my Mexican's know the feeling!). Her end result is amazing! Her enchiladas look authentic and delicious! Someone suggested she make a sunny side up egg to accompany the enchiladas- something we all love to do! And she loved it!

I think I speak for many El Pasoan's when I say "Great job, Stephanie- ya te puedes casar!" Now I really want some enchiladas. If you're looking for some too but don't want to make them, check out this list of "Best Enchiladas in El Paso According to Yelp"!

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