As we all know here in El Paso- enchiladas are the bomb. The dish of lightly fried tortillas dipped in a red chile sauce and stuffed with cheese is the epitome of comfort food for many. I've never actually stopped to ponder on how to make them, but upon reflecting- it's a little more complex than originally thought.

In my house, we have enchiladas at least once a week- and it really is a process. You have to make the sauce, because although they sell canned enchilada sauce nothing beats making it from scratch, right? I think that mainly is the only challenging part of the recipe- the sauce. Once you've got the sauce down- it's all downhill from there. While many of us are pro's at making this dish- not many are, and many ask for advice. Like this one Foodie in a group I'm in who needed a debated settled:

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Naturally, my first reaction was "WTF?" I was not the only one, the fellow foodies in the group jumped on to give their response:


Yeah, that's what I thought would be everyone's initial response. However, someone did respond saying it's not unheard of:


Okay, yes, that would be a smothered burrito, which are delicious, but it does not make an enchilada.


The general consensus was- NO- you don't use flour tortillas to make enchiladas. Although, it might not be unheard of, check out this TikTok users OLD way of making enchiladas before she got help to make authentic enchiladas.

Would I try some enchiladas made with flour tortillas? Yes. Would I call it an enchilada? No. It's a smothered burrito.

Now I want enchiladas.


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