Looking back over the years we've all enjoyed seeing certain hot-air balloons flying in the El Paso sky. Everyone remembers attending their first KLAQ Balloonfest and how beautiful the sky looked early in the morning. But it is definitely a mission to get everything ready for take-off when it comes to the hot-air balloons.

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I remember the first time my mom and I were hand-picked to help out with the hot-air balloon. The Purple People Eater is the balloon my mom and I was a part of with Glenn Garza back in either 1996 or 1997. It was the year Candlebox performed at Wet N' Wild Waterworld.

But I have always been fond of the Purple People Eater hot-air balloon since I helped it out years ago. We all have our personal favorites but I'm curious which is YOUR personal favorite hot air balloon. There have been so many that have flown around our El Paso sky over the year.

For example, Spidey pig, Humpty Dumpty, Darth Vader, and others over a long period of time. BatesMotelEvilRegal25 provided a video from our 2009 KLAQ Balloonfest that featured Darth Vader's helmet head above. There are other videos below that feature the other hot-air balloons below. It is Memorial Day which is usually when we celebrate balloon fest had me curious about something. The Purple People Eater has visited El Paso many times over the years and will always be my favorite.

But I want to know which was your ultimate favorite to catch flying in the El Paso sky. I shared 4 different videos from people who attended the KLAQ Balloonfest in the past below. But share your personal opinion of which hot-air balloon is your favorite and has your vote, below.

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