Texans in Central Texas were caught off guard when they noticed a big fireball flying over the sky. There were tons of 911 calls the night residents in Central Texas noticed a fireball above them. Anyone who would catch a sight like in the video below would scare anyone.

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Hell, if I noticed it I would be flipping out and more than likely have an anxiety attack. Not only was it scary as hell to see the huge noticeable fireball but to also feel it, seems worse. A lot of the Central Texas residents who spotted the fireball felt the impact of it as well.

Some families felt their homes shake through it all. Different people had different views of the massive fireball flying over the sky. Some residents in Houston described it as being different colors. One resident got the footage from her Ring camera that had a green light.

But this isn't anything new to Central Texas residents since they witnessed a meteor in 2014. Back on November 9, 2014, NASA had confirmed Central Texas was in fact hit by a meteor. Refer to the video from Abc News about Central Texas getting hit by a meteor below.

ABC13 Houston shared a variety of videos from all sorts of people who caught the fireball on camera. But the fireball went as far as to where residents in Missouri could see it too. This time around we're not sure if it is another meteor or who knows what else it could be. Hopefully, that massive fireball wasn't alien-related as the news anchors joked about.

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