Memorial Weekend is right around the corner and we want YOU and your guests to come party with us! KLAQ is stoked to be kicking off summer vacation by grilling and chilling at Wet N' Wild Waterworld.

Some people need some serious convincing when it comes to changing their plans. I thought of four reasons that would convince me to have a BBQ on Memorial Weekend at Wet N' Wild Waterworld. There have been times you thought you invited the right amount of people when you actually have gone over the guest list. Celebrating Memorial Weekend with EVERYONE you want to spend time with without worrying if your guests invite guests of their own along. There are so many reasons for you to join us at KLAQ BBQ but these are the top 4!

Have some fun in the sun while staying fresh, keeping your tummy full with great BBQ and some great background noise at the KLAQ BBQ!

  • Brendon Thorne
    Brendon Thorne


    If you're the type who invites EVERYONE out for a good time, the Klaq BBQ is where you should be! Spending Memorial weekend at Wet N' Wild Waterworld means you can have unlimited guests with plenty of room. So this time around you won't have to cut down your guest list! Heck! Even your guests can invite guests of their own.

  • Getty Images
    Getty Images

    Fun Activities

    Some people don't have a pool right in their backyard like others. But those that do have a pool sure as hell don't have water rides. Throwing a BBQ party at Wet N' Wild will keep your family and friends entertained thanks to the rides at the park! Not only are the rides fun but they will also keep you feeling fresh on those hot days.

  • ABC via Getty Images
    ABC via Getty Images

    Loud Crowd

    Another reason you should join us Memorial Weekend is you can be as loud as you want. The live and local music on the Shiner Bock Stage will be louder than you and your guests. If you were to have something at your pad, you could possibly end up with a noise complaint from the neighbors. If you hang around with a loud crowd the KLAQ BBQ is your spot!

  • Roberto Machado Noa
    Roberto Machado Noa


    The final reason you should move your location to Wet N' Wild Waterworld is you can choose to grill yourself or not! You have the option to use one of the grilling stations instead of having to load and unload heavy equipment for a good meal. Plus, if you choose NOT to grill, then you can just pay someone else to do the grilling for you! There will be plenty of BBQ vendors to fill you up without having to do the hard work.

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