Fans of 90s rock are familiar with the bands Stone Temple Pilots & Filter. They gave us songs like "Plush", "Interstate Love Song", "Hey Man, Nice Shot", & "Take A Picture" respectively. But during the 2000s, members of each band would form the supergroup, Army of Anyone. While they were short lived, fans of San Antonio (and El Paso) will be surprised to know that they got to enjoy the final shows for the band.

When did Army of Anyone form?

In 2005, Richard Patrick of Filter,

Bush, Chevelle And Filter Perform At The Joint At The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
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Robert & Dean DeLeo of Stone Temple Pilots

KOMP'S Totally Politically Correct Holiday Bash Featuring Stone Temple Pilots, P.O.D. And Sick Puppies
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Stone Temple Pilots Tour Announcement & Performance
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& a pre-Korn Raymond Luzier

Music As A Weapon 5 Tour Featuring Disturbed, Korn and Sevendust
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would form Army of Anyone in Los Angeles, California.

2006 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals
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They would only release one album, their self-titled album, on November 14, 2006. The band would tease the possibility of a 2nd album but it sadly never happened. The band would be on an "indefinite hiatus" as of November 2007. The band DID get some notoriety for their song "Goodbye" & they even appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno after it became a single.

When were Army of Anyone's last shows?

According to Concert Archives, the last show the band would perform would be in San Antonio, on April 21, 2007 at St. Mary's University. HOWEVER, fans of the KLAQ Balloonfest might remember seeing the band at that year's Balloonfest (in 2007). That would be the SAME year fans got to enjoy the original lineup of Flyleaf with Lacey Sturm. Little did fans know at the time, that's also when Army of Anyone would have their final official show.

But thanks to Sourkat & Tombstone Travels on YouTube, the footage from the KLAQ Balloonfest DOES exist so we can confirm that yes they DID have their final show in El Paso.

Though Army of Anyone would never return, the members WOULD return to El Paso

While we'd never see the members appear together on the same stage, we WOULD see them return with their original bands:

  • We would see Filter appear in El Paso again in the 2010s including Speaking Rock in 2011,
  • Stone Temple Pilots twice in 2008 at the El Paso County Coliseum (which I was lucky enough to see) & at Speaking Rock, also in 2011.
  • and Ray Luzier would return as the official drummer for Korn & they would perform 5 times since Army of Anyone's final show.

It's highly unlikely the band will form again & make another album. But at least El Paso got to see each band return so it wasn't truly a goodbye.

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