There is a man that can claim bragging rights about being able to fly around town. I remember spotting Anthony Vella flying in the sky as me and my kids were leaving La Union Corn Maze back in October. Shoot, you may have also spotted Anthony Vella yourself a time or two in the sky with his motor machine. I captured a video of him flying above us at La Union Maze a couple of months back (see below).

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It is pretty amazing scrolling through Anthony Vella's journey of literally flying high in the sky. He shares a lot of his adventures with you on his Instagram page Anthonykvella.

When I see the many pictures he takes during his adventures in the El Paso sky amazes me. Hell, I even think of the old-school movie The Boy Who Could Fly when I see his social media.

Although it isn't magic that allows Anthony Vella to fly in the sky, it is his awesome ultra-light aircraft machine. All I can think of is how lucky Anthony Vella is since he can easily skip traffic and just fly to wherever it is he needs to be.

The best perk about his flights around El Paso and Las Cruces are the stunning views he captures from the sky of the cities below. Anthony Vella has a YouTube channel that has his crazy journeys through town.

For example, one clip he filmed was his quick trip to Walmart for some ingredients to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. You can see that mission in the video that is directly below.

Another video he shared is of him flying the most affordable paramotor in the world which shows beautiful footage of the borderland in the background.

He sure does capture the views of El Paso in the most perfect way thanks to his paramotor skills. Feel free to scroll down to see the magnificent views he sees of the borderland on a daily basis.

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