There are certain events that El Paso has not seen in a while and are always nice to reminisce about. There have been different occasions when people have questioned me about KLAQ's BalloonFest, StreetFest, and BBQ.

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But it is funny how a simple question can trigger up quite a conversation about past festivals KLAQs had over the years. I remember the first-ever KLAQ event I attended was in 1997 which was the KLAQ BalloonFest.

Sometimes it takes a parent dragging you out to a concert event to discover awesome music. At least that is how it happened to me when I learned about Candlebox in 6th grade at the KLAQ BalloonFest thanks to my mom.

KLAQs BalloonFest was a lot of fun because of the water rides followed by a concert to wrap up the evening. There would be tons of locals grilling and keeping the ice chest loaded at BalloonFest.

But that wasn't the only KLAQ event you enjoyed attending with friends and family. Another event that is dearly missed by many is the one we would crowd the El Paso streets.

We can't forget the KLAQ StreetFest which was one of the best summer concerts El Paso had in my opinion. You got to admit partying and watching your favorite bands on the El Paso streets is pretty awesome. Plus, you also can't forget all the shopping you did at all the different vendors.

Finally, another one of your favorites consisted of grubbing out on BBQ, enjoying the rides, and a concert at the KLAQ BBQ. Western Playland had always been home to the KLAQ BBQ for years and was a perfect fit too.

I am definitely curious as to which KLAQ event was your absolute favorite because mine has always been StreetFest. But place your two cents in the poll below.

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